Meeting for Minds on Art with Geha Mental Health Center – Israel 2017

On 16 March 2017 at 7:30pm at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Hertsliya, Israel, Meeting for Minds held the exhibition Creative Minds Think Unalike” – Meeting for Minds on Art with Geha Mental Health Center.

The event hosted the following speakers:

  • Dr Aya Lurie (Director and Chief Curator of Herzliya Museum)
  • Dr Gil Zalsman (Director of Geha Mental Health Center, Petach Tikva) – ‘Work of Geha Mental Health Centre’
  • Dr Itamar Khan (Brain System Organisation and Neurodegeneration, Technion University) – ‘Meeting for Minds and it’s activities’
The event included the three speeches, as well as art instillations by artist Michal Heiman, all of which exploring the link between mental health and art.  Meeting for Minds also screened footage from our 2016 Israeli Spring School.
Artist Michal Heiman presented her  work “Asylum (The Dress) 1852 – 2017” on display throughout the museum.
Michal Heiman’s exhibition included an installation, performance, video, sound, photographs, floor work, objects, documents, and archival display. In 2012, she came across the book The Face of Madness: Hugh W. Diamond and the Origin of Psychiatric Photography (1976), and had a crucial encounter with a photograph – Plate 34. This image led her to undertake a project that seeks to envision the political, cultural, gendered, and psychic conditions of possibility of a “return.” Heiman’s radical proposal is to create a new community comprised of dozens of women – asylum-seekers, activists, artists, and others – from 1855 to 2017.
The event “Creative Minds Think Unalike” was organised by Michal Shariv of Meeting for Minds, Israel.

Spring School March – Israel, April 2016

In 2016 Meeting for Minds held it’s first Israeli Spring School in Acre, Israel, with participants comprising of postgraduate research students, postgraduate psychiatric trainees and people with lived experience of mental illness.

The purpose was:

  1. to see how these 3 groups could collaborate in research into the brain, and disorders of the brain, to result in better treatments; and
  2. to create a community in Israel with appropriate research, medical and lived experience backgrounds, interested in Meeting for Minds’s research ethos.

Participants were split into 3 workshops:

Workshop 1Art: Hosted by Shmulik Calderon

Workshop 2Technology and Research: Hosted by Itamar Kahn and Erez Krozoil

Workshop 3Medical Scientific Research: Hosted by Libby Herzberg and Avital Hahamy

The workshops explored the “disconnect” between researchers, doctors and people living with mental illness. Participants were made to think about ways to create more cooperation between all parties through personal experience and knowledge of all participants in the workshop.

Organising Team:

  • Pr Haim Knobler – Former Chief Psychiatrist Israeli Army (PSYCH)
  • Dr Libi Herztberg – Professor of Neuroscience Weizmann Institute (SCIENTIST)
  • Michal Shariv – Meeting for Minds Israel Co-ordinator (M4M)
  • Hadar Lotan – Experience in dealing with and managing mental health (LIVED EXPERIENCE)
  • Dr Itamar Kahn – Assistant Professor Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion (SCIENTIST)
  • Dr Isaac Shariv – Vice President for Administration and Finance at Weizmann Institute (M4M)
  • Avital Hahamy – PhD Student, Department of Neurobiology at Weizmann Institute (SCIENTIST)


  • Shmulik Calderon and Shanie Blaew – Actor/Directors with lived experience
  • Ariel Horowitz – Singer will talk about his project with lived experience “The Different Me”
  • Rachel Rada – Singer
  • Nir Mehlman – Singer
  • Michal Heiman – Artist

Spring School participants formed a community, which continues meeting and is organising collaborative research projects with the Mazra Mental Health Centre in Acre, Israel.

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