“Partnering Lived Experience with Brain Research”

The Meeting for Minds ethos is that involving people with lived experience of mental illness as partners in the planning and understanding of research into the brain and disorders of the brain directly adds value to the research and discernible benefits for those with hard to treat psychotic and mood disorders.


Meeting For Minds is a not for profit organisation and a platform for communication, bringing together networks for collaboration. We operate in 5 countries, developing communities who believe in our manifesto and want to be a part collaborative research of this nature.


Collaborative Research with People with Lived Experience of Mental Illness
  • Based on the unique perspectives and insiders’ understanding of mental illness by those who experience it, new research directions will open up.
  • Researchers will be inspired by the passion and commitment of those with lived experience of mental illness through their involvement as partners in research.
  • The involvement of people with lived experience of mental illness in research into the brain will have an important bearing on countering the stigma associated with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depression.
Engagement of the Scientific Community
  • The experience of living with mental illness to become a valued source of expertise for research into the brain and disorders of the brain.
  • People with experience of mental illness to be partners in research.
  • A new style of research, involving those who stand to profit most from successful outcome.
  • To accelerate the discoveries and applications of scientific research.

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