Saturday 28 May 2016
B-shed, Victoria Quay, Fremantle, Western Australia

In May 2016, Meeting for Minds held "spectrum", a one-day event, open to all, that will take place in the space created as the backdrop for the Meeting for Minds Synergies Forum held the previous day.

spectrum’s program was been designed to complement the SYNERGIES Forum. Using the positive effects of mental and physical renewal as its theme, spectrum invites you to join in a variety of activities proven to enhance wellbeing including visual art, poetry, film, dance, meditation and yoga.

Meeting for Minds Breakfast, 8.15am to 10.30am

Participants in the SYNERGIES Forum were invited to attend the Meeting for Minds for breakfast, and meet and engage with key speakers from the Forum.

Guests listened to the story told by Cathy McCabe and her daughter Elle who experienced life-changing benefits from the ground-breaking Immune Therapy Project for her schizophrenia. SYNERGIES Forum MC Jane Caro shared her personal story about mental health, and the winner of the MindHack Hackathon was be announced.

What’s on at Spectrum?

7.00am–2.30pm Installation by Urbanframeworks and Eveline Kotai Exhibition– Free

7.00am-2.30pm Films by DADAA - Free

7.00am-2.30pm #makeyourmind by SPUR Perth - Free

7.00am–2.30pm Coffee, light breakfast and light snacks available to purchase

7.00am–8.00am Morning meditation with Lara Dwyer from Wise Tribe Movement – Free

8.15am–10.30am Coffee and breakfast with Meeting for Minds

10.45am–11.45am Morning Yoga with Lara Dwer – Booking required, cost $10

12.30pm-2.00pm Lunchtime poetry with Roland Leach and Friends – Free

3.00pm-4.00pm / 4.30pm-5.30pm  Gaga/people dance class – Booking required, cost $30

For further information about Spectrum and to make bookings visit www.spectrumevent.com.au