“Censorship of addiction research is an abuse of science” – Nature International Weekly Journal of Science, May 5 2017

Researchers must stand up to funders that insist on gagging clauses.

Kypros Kypri was pleased to receive funding from a government agency in the Australian state of New South Wales to study problem drinking. But when the contract arrived in 2012, he was surprised to find a demand that the agency could review and sign off on any reports before they were published. Other language allowed the agency to terminate funding without notice or explanation.

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“The mental health struggle of one family — and the nation” – The Washington Post, April 14 2017

As a young medical student, I learned about schizophrenia mostly by keeping my distance, both literally and figuratively. I’d never encountered a person with the disorder (that I knew of) before my six-week rotation at a state psychiatric hospital, and I’m not proud to admit that these men and women —  tortured as they were with paranoid thoughts and scary voices that only they could hear —  somehow seemed less than human to my 23-year-old eye. When the rotation ended, I was eager to move on to see other patients who interacted with me in ways I considered normal.

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Online Calculator May Predict Individual Psychosis Risk – 

The overall 6-year risk of developing a psychotic disorder was 3.02 (95% confidence interval [CI], 2.88 – 3.15), which was higher than the 6-year risk for psychosis in the local general population (0.62). In the derivation data set, 1001 patients transitioned to psychosis.

The multivariable model significantly predicted psychosis onset. Age and male sex were significantly associated with an increased risk for psychosis. In men, risk for psychosis decreased with increasing age.

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I’ve been on medication for depression for a decade — here’s what most people get wrong about it” Erin Brodwin – 

It started with a maths test.

I was in the eighth grade, sitting at my assigned seat with a pencil and a green sheet of paper in front of me — it was the class final. Suddenly, my mind went blank. The words and numbers on the page all blurred together and became meaningless. I froze with fear. My heart raced. What was happening to me?

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Motor Problems Detected in Kids at High Risk for Schizophrenia – April 7, 2017

An observational study from Denmark provides “convincing” evidence of impaired motor function, particularly problems with balance and manual dexterity, in children of parents with schizophrenia, the researchers say.

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Researchers find no connection between serotonin gene, stress and depression – April 4, 2017

New research findings often garner great attention. But when other scientists follow up and fail to replicate the findings? Not so much.

In fact, a recent study published in PLOS One indicates that only about half of scientific discoveries will be replicated and stand the test of time. So perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that new research led by Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis shows that an influential 2003 study about the interaction of genes, environment and depression may have missed the mark.

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Volunteers sought for Genetics of Depression Study – 2017

Researchers are seeking adults who’ve been treated for depression to join a global investigation of the genetic origins of an illness affecting one in seven Australians.

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Hitting the spot”: Developing individuals with lived-experience of health and social care as facilitators to deliver a course to enhance public involvement in research – a Welsh perspective

Public involvement in research has become an important and integral part of the research process in health and social care, from the early stages of research prioritisation and development to the later stages of research conduct and dissemination.

Learning and development opportunities, including training, can assist the public and researchers in working together in the research process, and a training schedule exists in Wales for this purpose. One of the key components of this training schedule in Wales is the course Involving the Public in the Design and Conduct of Research: Building Research Partnerships.

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Meeting for Minds Partner- International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders Newsletter – 2016

Meeting for Minds would like to share the September 2016 Vol 12 Newsletter of the IAMHRF.

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Minister for Medical Research, Pru Goward today announced $2.5 million over four years to support the development of new treatments and possible cures for schizophrenia through the amalgamation of two national research institutes.

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Despite increasing investments into Neuroscience, Clinical Psychiatry, and related research, the prevalence rates of neuropsychiatric disorders and their associated burden of disease have been predicted to increase further.

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One of the first lessons I received as a psychiatrist-in-training 35 years ago was the value of antipsychotic medications. These medicines have been available for the treatment of psychosis for over half a century, beginning with the prototype first generation drug chlorpromazine (Thorazine) and now extending to some 20 different compounds, including several second-generation medications, often called “atypical antipsychotics.”

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