Meeting for Minds Video Interview Series: Part 1 – 2017

Meeting for Minds Video Interview Series: Part 1

Meeting for Minds has started production of a series of short video interviews featuring people who have experienced mental illness and those doing research into the brain and mental illness.

Each tells of what drove their first interest in research, as a means of developing a mutual community of interest, as a first step on the way towards partnering together in doing research that takes into account the expertise of the lived experience of mental illness.

Susie Hincks, Co-founder of Meeting for Minds, and Prof Sean Hood, Associate Dean of University of Western Australia, Faculty of Health and Medial Sciences

Jerry Burong, long term carer, and Dr Nina McCarthy, Research Fellow, University of Western Australia

Our primary focus remains fixed on the establishment of collaborative research where people with lived experience are engaged with the scientific community to further our understanding of brain disorders and how they relate to mental illness. We believe this practical, inclusive approach to research will ultimately provide discernible benefits, especially for those with hard to treat psychotic and mood disorders.

If you would like to take part in planned further interview series, please contact:  Meredith Drynan  at for more information.

We also need help to raise funds and elicit donations to allow the production of further interviews.  To assist with this, please see this page for DONATIONS information.

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