‘World in a Brainstorm’ event fuels key research to better understand the workings of the brain and mental illness


April 2023

'World in a Brainstorm' event fuels key research tobetter understand the workings of the brain and mental illness

Not-for-profit organisation ‘Meeting for Minds‘ is set to host the highly anticipated ‘World in a Brainstorm‘ hybrid forum on 12-13 May 2023, a landmark event in the field of brain and behavioural science research held at DADAA, right in the heart of Fremantle, Western Australia and accessible from anywhere in the world virtually.

‘Meeting for Minds’ operates across Australia, Europe and Israel with a mission to unite and nurture a community of People with Lived Experience of mental illness (PLEX) and researchers of brain and behavioural science.

Guided by this ethos, ‘World in a Brainstorm’ inspires cross-pollination of ideas that break down silos and fuel innovative scientific research centered around the question ‘How can the brain and behavioural science research impact my community for good?‘. Participants of the event are called on a journey focused on understanding and learning about mental illness and the brain rather than specific treatment.

The Forum features a panel of cutting-edge presentations by globally renowned academics including Professor Emeritus Geoff Gallop, former Premier of WA, recognised for his transparency during his own struggles withmental illness.

Live Q&A discussions, opportunities for informal ‘fireside chats’ and engaging collaborative activities also make up the two-day programme, including equine therapy sessions and a presentation from University of Western
Australia’s very own Professor Alan Harvey on the power of music and neurobiology to promote reconnection with ourselves. Other topics in the programme include Indigenous Mental Health, PTSD & trauma and Epigenetics.

The Virtual Booth concept also creates a platform for businesses and organisations to share how they are empowering their community to overcome self-stigma and showcase how systems are embedded within their organisation to better understand mental illness and support their people.

As Maria Halphan, President & Founder of Meeting for Minds explains, “Mental illness is insidiously persuasive, yet as individuals and communities at all levels, we are still wrestling with how to manage this challenge. The only way to make progress is by adopting a holistic approach, leveraging research and PLEX experience, exploring the synergies.

Join Meeting for Minds’ ‘World in a Brainstorm’ event to connect with a network of like-minded individuals in a safe environment, form partnerships and participate in the discourse to better understand mental illness in our communities. Buy your ticket now through https://worldinabrainstorm.com/

For more information on how to get involved, please contact worldinabrainstorm@meetingforminds.com

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