Workshop – Australia, April 2016

Workshop – Australia, April 2016

The Meeting for Minds Workshop was held on Tuesday, 12 April 2016 at Notre Dame University, Fremantle.

The Workshop looked to gain input on research priorities of postgraduate researchers in brain sciences, postgraduate trainee psychiatrists &  psychologists, and people with lived experience of mental illness who were interested in forging a co-productive and collaborative approach to research.

The event was co-sponsored by Notre Dame University and the School of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience at UWA and facilitated by Anne McKenzie; Manager, Community Involvement Program at Telethon Kids Institute and UWA School of Population Health.

During the Workshop attendees formed two groups, one of consumers and one of research/clinicians, and worked separately on developing a list of priorities for future research.

Speakers at the Workshop included:

  • Prof Jo Badcock – PSYCH
  • Julian Heng – SCIENTIST
  • Susie Hincks – LIVED EXPERIENCE
  • Prof Isaac Lim – PSYCH
  • Gerry Burong – CARER

The outcomes from this Workshop were presented at the May 2016 ‘SYNERGIES’ Forum.

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